I grew up in the burbs of Portland Oregon
There was a creek in the back yard.

Painted my first painting when I was 13 after seeing my brother paint
He’s a filmmaker now.

In high school I was lucky and got kicked out of 2nd year algebra. I was ordered to the art room where I met a great art teacher who encouraged me.

At the same time I also had an English teacher who would read my attempts at prose and thought I had some talent.

I got interested in stained glass when I was a freshman in college
Switched to art from English – left college after two years.

Stumbled into glass blowing at Portland State, which I loved but wasn’t good at
And I didn’t have a thing to say with it.

Went back to flat glass. Took a class from a German designer
And immediately did the opposite of his teachings, he was too strong.
Though I did like the way he responded to architecture.
He cared and really worked on his designs.

In 1975 the Oregon art commission smiled on me and I got to make a leaded window for a food stamp office. Two cartoon weight lifters. I really liked getting paid up front plus I had to design a steel frame for the thing which forced me to work with welders.

I never could have been a gallery artist. But doing something different all the time suited my learning style – which was the “couldn’t sit still in class” style.

I’ve been working in metal mostly for the past 25 years. Art has been my only job since 1980. I have work in 10 states and have finished over 50 public art projects.

Commission Work


Work in Metal
Pierce County Courts Building Tacoma, Washington 2007
West Sound Academy Poulsbo, Washington 2007
Mt Vernon High School Mt. Vernon, Washington 2006
S Sound Community College Olympia, Washington 2005
King Co Housing Kent, Washington 2004
Memorial John Hay School Seattle, Washington 2000
Green Hill School Prison Chehalis, Washington 2000
New Jersey Transit Hoboken, New Jersey 2000
Redmond Community Center Redmond, Washington 2000
Anoka Treatment Center Anoka, Minnesota 1999
Charnelton Parking Exterior Eugene, Oregon 1999
E Portland Community Center Portland, Oregon 1998
Franklin Elementary Tacoma, Washington 1997
Children’s Services Pensacola, Florida 1997
Humbolt Library Chicago, Illinois 1997
U of O Student Housing Eugene, Oregon 1997
HazMat Station Kansas, City Missouri 1996
Animal Science Building W S U Pullman,Washington 1997
Evergreen Medical Center Kirkland, Washington 1995
Main St Renovation Auburn, Washington 1995
Children’s Theater Seattle, Washington 1994
Airway Prison Visiting Center Spokane, Washington 1994
King County Health Clinic Federal Way, Washington 1993
Community Center Maple Valley, Washington 1993
Dunlap St Renovation Phoenix, Arizona 1990
Nordstrom Lloyd Center Portland, Oregon 1990
Nordstrom Downtown Portland, Oregon 1990
Transit Station Gate Seattle, Washington 1990
Tree Grate  Seattle Metro Seattle, Washington 1989
Seattle Water Dept Seattle, Washington 1986
All Saints School Portland, Oregon 1983
Enameled Steel
King County Library Bellevue, Washington 1993
Tabor Middle School Portland, Oregon 1991
Oregon DOT  One panel Salem, Oregon 1989
Anchorage Dog Pound Anchorage, Alaska 1988
Juvenile Court Portland, Oregon 1987
Turnagain Elementary Anchorage, Alaska 1985
Leaded Glass
King County Housing Kent, Washington 2004
Barker Residence Bainbridge,  Washington 2002
Green Hill School Chehalis Washington 2000
Pierce County Library Eatonville, Washington 1990
East Austin Senior Center Austin, Texas 1988
U of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska 1985
Pope Elementary School Puyallup, Washington 1984
U of O  Student Union Eugene, Oregon 1982
Tillamook County Hospital Tillamook, Oregon 1982
Bess Kaiser Hospital Portland, Oregon 1981
Kaiser Clinic Portland, Oregon 1980
Food Stamp Office Eugene, Oregon 1979
Bainbridge Arts &Crafts, Works in Stone Bainbridge, Washington 2005
The Art of Golf, Safeco Seattle, Washington 1996
German Tour, US Printmakers Germany 1993
Art in Architecture, Focus on Fire Seattle, Washington 1889
Govett-Brewster Gallery New Zealand 1983
Portland Art Museum, Oregon Biennial Portland, Oregon 1983
Tucson Museum, Leaded Glass Tucson, Arizona 1978
University of Texas, Prints San Antonio, Texas 1985
Renwick Gallery, New Glass Washington DC 1979

Design Teams

Consultant for New Jersey Transit, Hudson Bergan Light Rail, 1995
Seattle Children’s Theater, Project Artrist, 1991-93


National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship – Glass.1981


Corning Museum of Glass, Leaded Glass purchase.
State of Oregon Public Buildings: Pendelton, Eugene, Salem, La Grande.
State of Washington: Friday Harbor, Yakima, Battleground, Eatonville, Brownsville, Edmonds, Auburn, Kent, North Shore, Skagit, Edison, Tacoma.